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We've now partnered with Red Hill Groves to fill our citrus and gift shipping.

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The season is over!

Please order again in November!!

The Rocker family came to Florida in the early 1900's and purchased land and citrus groves in what is now the St. Cloud / Kissimmee corridor.  From that time forward, the Rocker Family has been involved in developing quality citrus and gift fruit baskets for the market.

Carrying on in his father and grandfather's tradition, Billy Rocker manages the groves and retail businesses in St. Cloud and Kissimmee still to this day.

The reputation of the Rocker Family is one of great respect statewide and throughout the citrus industry for innovative, proficient caretaking practices and production excellence.

Full assurance can be given you that citrus ordered from Rocker Fruit will be selected to ensure that it meets the highest standards in freshness and overall quality.  Remember, when you choose Rocker Fruit Company, you have many years of experience to draw from, promise of top quality and you are buying from a recognized grower at the best possible prices.  Fresh from the grove, direct to you!

Brighten up the day for that special someone with a gift of sunshine gift fruit from Florida. There are so many choices of fine citrus--picked, packed and shipped with loving care. From Navel Oranges to Ruby Red Grapefruit.  From Tangerines to spectacular January HoneyBells.  Find the perfect package to deliver your sunny message for any occasion. We offer gift baskets, holiday and seasonal keepsakes, and a fruit gift club that lasts throughout the season.  Your family and friends will be delighted!

  • Fruit is harvested from October through May and processed in our state-of-the-art packinghouse.

  • This 77,000 square-foot computerized facility employs 300 people at the height of the season.
  • The line equipment and machinery wash, wax, grade, label and size an average of 1,000 boxes of fruit per hour. Computerized electronic fiber optic cameras sort fruit by size, weight, and color...up to eight sizes simultaneously.
  • Two cold-storage refrigerators can hold 18 tractor-trailer loads of fruit.
  • Rocker Fruit Company has earned an international reputation for fresh fruit excellence, innovative water quality and conservation practices, and ecologically sound farming techniques.

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Kissimmee, FL  34746



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