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Baskets Designed Especially for the Holiday Season

Choose from 3 different holiday baskets:

Holiday Basket of Gift Fruit - salami, marmalade, pretzels and citrusHoliday Basket Supreme - Includes marmalades, tea, brie cheese, hard salami, pretzels with gourmet dipping mustard, surrounded by a bounty of fruit.

Holiday Basket Supreme -   pricing HERE   

We've now partnered with Red Hill Groves to fill our citrus and gift shipping.

Feel free to visit them at


Holiday Baksket with marmalade, chocolate nut fudge, pecans, hard candy and fresh Florida CitrusOval Holiday Basket - Trimmed in red and green, this basket is certain to be around long after the goodies are gone.  And goodies it is indeed filled with, like marmalade, chocolate-nut fudge (holiday boxed) and sprinkles of pecans and hard candy surround nine pieces of fruit.

Oval Holiday Basket   pricing HERE  


Holiday Petite basket with fruit, nut cracker cookies, hazelnut truffles and fresh florida citrusHoliday Basket Petite - A wee bit smaller than its supreme cousin, this basket has six pieces of fruit, nut cracker cookies, toast toppings, hazelnut truffles, pecans and hard citrus candy.  Trimmed with tulle and a holiday bow.

Holiday Basket Petite  pricing HERE   

Wire Orange Basket- pricing HERE   

Wire Orange Basket

This beautiful, 12" tall, iridescent, hand-wired gift basket in the shape of an orange comes filled with 10 lbs of fresh-picked in-season tangerines.

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