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Jumbo Navels..

Tremendous size and outstanding flavor are features of these navels.  A double take is guaranteed.

Available November - Mid January

We've now partnered with Red Hill Groves to fill our citrus and gift shipping.

Feel free to visit them at


Jumbos - 1 Tray  - pricing HERE

Jumbos - 2 Trays - pricing HERE

Jumbos - 3 Trays - pricing HERE

Jumbos - 4 Trays - pricing HERE

Grands - 1 Tray -  pricing HERE

Grapefruit Grands..

Instead of flowers for Mother's Day, how about a tray or two of Grands?  Heavyweights at 1 1/2 pounds each, their sweet taste and impressive size will surely make you popular with Mom!

Available November - April

Grands - 2 Trays - pricing HERE  

Grands - 3 Trays - pricing HERE   

Grands - 4 Trays - pricing HERE

Combo Tray

Mix Jumbo Navels and Grapefruit Grands for a special SuperSized Tray.

Available November - Mid January

Jumbo/Grand 2 Tray Combo - pricing HERE   

Jumbo/Grand 4 Tray Combo - pricing HERE   

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